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1998 The Year of Gwyneth "Hush"


When your in five movie in one year they can't all be good and "Hush" was Gwyneth's 1998 lame duck of a movie.  She co-stars with Jessica Lange in what looks to be the perfect Lifetime Network movie of the week.  Although dumped in to theatres in the spring of '98 it's your typical paint by numbers thriller that panders to the female audience.

Gwyneth plays Helen and girl that gets pregnant with her one dimensional Ken doll of a boyfriend/husband named JacksonJackson's family has tons of money and his mother Martha (Lange) own a ranch out in the country.  The newly weds look to start their family on the ranch and the expected cat fighting between Helen and Martha start immediately.  Martha is extremely controlling and protective of her son.  She over plays the role of the evil mother in-law to a comical extreme.  In fact we learn that she even orchestrated Helen's pregnancy for her own diabolical reasons. 

The whole estate know as Kilronan actually belongs to Jackson and her is very keen on selling the place by Martha won't have it  and will don anything to keep it.  The whole film is built on this triangle of characters that are poorly developed.  Jackson is just a cardboard cutout of a character that is fought over by the two women who are equally weak and plainly drawn.  You feel for and root for Helen but its just so ridiculous you end up crying "really?" 

The soap opera continues with Martha pulling all the strings and with Jackson going off to a horse show, the two women can fight it out.  Helen giving birth is probably the most intense scene of a film that's void of any real suspense or thrills.  Martha's attempts to steal the baby and kill Helen are short lived when Jackson arrives and leans the truth about his fathers death and his mother other lies.  Martha is thoroughly dispatched and the happy couple and baby live happily ever after, the end.  However if you like the cheesy and overreacted Lifetime movies you'll probably like this one, however it was not for me and cannot recommend it.  If your more looking for Gwyneth using a British accent then stay tuned for the next review in the series "Sliding Doors".