"Dr. Giggles" Early 90's Horror Dies on the Table


Laughter is the best medicine in this early 90s horror film.  "Dr. Giggles" is like an updated '50s style mad scientist B-movie.  Larry Drake of "Darkman" fame plays Dr. Evan Rendell a sort of third-rate Freddy Krueger who spouts off cheesy one-liners at every opportunity.  

Dr. Rendell escapes from the mental hospital that has been keeping him and goes back to the small town that killed his murderous Doctor father.  Out for vengeance, he hides out in his families abandoned old house.  The story fills in all of the usual horror elements.  We follow high school girl Jennifer, played by Holly Marie Combs, who has a faulty heart valve.  Jennifer's mother died in the hospital with what was supposed to be a routine operation and now has had to deal with her evil stepmother.  Keeping with old horror clichés the first kids to feel the wrath of Dr. Giggles were the black characters.  Although Officer Reitz the main cop hunting Giggles is black and he survives.  Sex and drugs are also off limits if you intend on surviving.

Jennifer eventually becomes the main target of the Doctor and she must fight for her survival not only from him but from her own failing body.  The horror films of the early 90s are all pretty bad.  Coming off the magical decade that was the 80s, the genre seemed to have run out of gas until Wes Craven brought it back from the brink with "Scream" in 1996.  Although "Silence of the Lambs" is always referred to as a thriller or a drama.  It was the best horror movie of that period.

"Dr. Giggles" is very 90's in its fashions, hairstyles, and music.  It hits every just about every know horror cliché but is still a sort of cult classic for being so bad.  It's cheesy and stupid but still strangely entertaining.