Sarah Polley Tribute 1999's "GO" by Doug Liman


Three years after directing the cult hit "Swingers"  Doug Liman struck gold again with the hip young ensemble comedy "Go".  Uniquely structured over the course of one crazy night in the lives of a bunch of young people in the city of angels.  

The story follows four main characters Ronna (Sarah Polley), a supermarket cashier, who needs $300 to avoid being evicted from her apartment.  Simon (Desmond Askew), Ronna's British co-worker who's is going to Las Vegas for the weekend with a few friends.  Then there are Adam and Zack (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr) a couple of gay soap opera actors who are cutting a deal with the police to help then arrest Simon who is friends with Tod (Timothy Olyphant) a local drug dealer.

The movie has a very 90s feel to it when watched today.  Pagers were still big with teenagers.  Raves were still cool and mysterious.  This movie is like a time capsule of a time that really doesn't seem too long ago.  Remember the good ole days of 1999, at the height of Y2K paranoia, and people still doing the Macarena what a time to be alive.  (Yes, I'm being sarcastic if it isn't obvious).   Okay so needing money in a hurry Ronna takes Simon's shift so he can go to Vegas.  When Adam and Zack look to score some ecstasy from her in a sting operation she agrees.  She goes to Tod to buy the stuff hoping to turn a profit when she resells it, not knowing that Adam and Zack are narcs.  Although Tod needs some assurance that Ronna will pay him back, so she leaves her friend Claire (Katie Holmes) as collateral. Needless to say, the deal goes bad and Ronna is now totally screwed. 

Then the movie sort of starts over again but this time from Simon's point of view and his wild adventures in Vegas.  Simon and friends get into some pretty crazy shit and end up on the run from some low-level strip club mobsters when Simon shots one of them in the arm.  This story will cross path with Tod and Claire near the end.

Lastly, we go to the point of view of Adam and Zack and their relationship with officer Burke (William Fichtner) who is overseeing their plea bargain to get an arrest that will lead him to Tod.  They will also run into Ronna again at a very inopportune time.  Everything in each story is connected in one way or another and makes it a joy to watch.  The characters are interesting, quirky, and funny, and the story is tightly packed without a second to spare.  It's a pretty fun experience even if it is a little dated.  So if you're feeling a little nostalgic for the 90s I suggest you "Go".