Angels Bettis Tribute: "Sick Girl"

"Masters of Horror: Sick Girl"

"Sick Girl" is a 60 minute episode of the Showtime series "Masters of Horror" and like "May" was also directed by Lucky Mckee.  "Sick Girl" is a bizarrely funny romantic comedy surrounded by bugs and small doses of horror that make it really fun.

Starring Angela Bettis, as Ida Teeter, an entomologist who is looking for a woman who's not disgusted by her obsession with the creepy crawly things she keeps all over her apartment.  As a character, Ida seems to have been transported from the 1940s.  She has the period hairdo and talks in a sort of way that is hard to describe.  Erin Brown AKA Misty Mundae plays Ida's love interest, Misty Falls, yeah sounds kind of confusing.  Misty spends her time drawing fairies and pixies in the lobby of where Ida works.  Ida works up the courage to ask Misty out and their whirlwind romance begins.

The episode opens with a guy capturing a big exotic bug and mailing it to Ida, who is excited about the mysterious and very aggressive specimen.  This bug eventually does escape and makes a home for itself inside Ida's pillow.  Talk about your bedbugs.  Misty is bitten by the nasty thing that starts a gradual transformation in her.  The whole episode is B-movie-ish and campy but is also fun and horrific.  Like in "May" Ida is a lonely soul who surrounds her self with surrogate friends in the bugs.  She is anxious and nervous about what people think of her, afraid of rejection.  She finally finds a kindred spirit in Misty, who accept her for who she is, but Ida's bug obsession comes back to literally and fugitively bite her back. 

Their relationship is put to the test as the bug starts to take over Misty and culminates in a pretty insane ending.  Ida and Misty do end up together but under some pretty strange circumstances.  "Sick Girl" is available as a stand alone DVD packed with special features and is pretty cheap.