A Tribute to Actress Angela Bettis: "May"


A native of Austin, Texas Angela Bettis has carved out her niche as an actress in small independent horror movies.  She started out with bit parts in bigger Hollywood movies in the late 90s but really turned heads as the creepy and unhinged loner in Lucky McKee's 2002 film "May".  Over the next four reviews we'll take a closer look at some of her best roles.

 Made for only a half million bucks, "May" tells the story of a twenty-something girl who is searching for a friend and can't seem to find that perfect person.  She was shunned as a little girl because of her lazy eye that required her to wear an eye patch.  Her mother made her a very special doll but she couldn't play with it because of its a collectible.  It is kept locked in a case never able to be free, just like May.  May is very creative and makes all of her own clothes on her trusty sewing machine, which adds to her quirkiness.  She works in a veterinarian's office with Polly, played by a then unknown (sadly, maybe still) Anna Faris as the receptionist.  Faris steals every scene she is in with wild and sexy energy.  May develops a crush on Adam, played by Jeremy Sisto, who works at the Auto repair shop across the street.  She loves his beautiful hands most of all.  Adam likes May but its like he really just feels sorry for her.  May is extremely nervous around him and tries a little too hard for his attention.

"May" is very reminiscent of Roman Polanski's "Repulsion" about a young girls loneliness and eventual descent into madness.  "May" does have a bunch of comedic moments though that even out the horrific ones.  Adam admits he likes "weird", but when May crosses the line and takes it a bit to far, Adam starts to push away from May and want her out of his life.  It's not that easy for May as she finally snaps and goes on a mission to create the perfect person (see "Frankenstein"). 

"May" is a movie for weird people and about weird people.  If you ever felt like you just don't fit in anywhere you'll love this movie.  Every actor is perfectly cast and Director Lucky Mckee (who is a bit weird himself) gets great performances from all.  The DVD also has a few commentary tracks which are always fun.  So take a look at "May" today!