"Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale" Bizarre Foreign Fairy Tale


Last Fall a strange little movie from Finland came out that plays like a fairy tale from hell. During an archeological dig, an American company finds the "real" Santa Claus. Far from the jolly 'ole Saint Nick we all know, this Santa is thought to be a giant child-eating beast. Frozen in an iceberg Santa's elves rush to unthaw him, along with rounding up all of the area children to appease their master.

The story is told through a boy and his father as they struggle to get by on a steady diet of milk and gingerbread cookies. Pietari is an odd but endearing little boy who has read some disturbing stories about Santa and realizes what lies in the mountain. As the area children and home appliances start to disappear Pietari gears up to try and save the day. His father Raunao is a stern strong-willed man who loves his son, but who also must keep their small family afloat. When the communities reindeer heard is murdered a skinny old bearded man is captured. Raunao and the neighborhood men interrogate the dirty naked old man but get nothing. Is this man Santa?

The ending makes a statement about the commercialization of Christmas and thoroughly explains the title of "Rare Exports". This is not a horror movie but a very creepy fairy tale that is sort of sweet and dreamlike. Its very well made and well acted. The story is quite strange but at its heart really seems to focus on the relationships of fathers and sons. It would be hard to find a target audience for the film, but if you like quirky foreign films you probably won't be disappointed with this one. It is available through some on demand services as well as DVD and Blu-ray