"Thriller: A Cruel Picture" 70s Sexploitation Epic

AKA "They Call Her One Eye"

AKA "Hooker’s Revenge"


“Thriller” is a classic example of a ‘70s sexploitation film. It stars famed Swedish sex kitten Christina Lindberg, who stared in many other such films. This film is similar to my previous review of “I Spit on Your Grave” in that is a rape-revenge thriller.

Lindberg’s character of Frigga is molested as a little girl and from then on never speaks. Even throughout the movie as she is grown she never says a word. One day she misses her bus and is offered a ride from a slick city guy in a nice car named Tony and she takes it. Mental note: never miss your bus! Of course Tony has some pretty awful things in store for Frigga. Over the course of about a week, she is beaten and addicted to heroin against her will. She is one of many girls that are being held by Tony in a sex slavery business. After Frigga’s (now named Madeleine) first client is a disaster, Tony gauges her eye out with a knife. This was done with a real eye from a real corpse.

This movie is quite pornographic when it comes to Madeline and her Johns. She also has a go with one of the other prostitutes. For some bizarre reason, Tony lets her roam around the town on her “off” time. Since she is now a heroin addict, she has to come back for a fix sometime, right? With her off time, she prepares for her revenge. She takes kung fu classes, rifle practice, and stunt driving lessons. After finding her prostitute friend murdered she decides that it is time to strike back. All of her kill scenes are done in slow motion, quite cheesy but it fits in with this perfectly cheesy movie.

Frigga seems to be a very strong inspiration for the Daryl Hannah character in Quentin Tarintino’s “Kill Bill” movies. She changes her eye patch to match her wardrobe and her mood, which is a nice touch. She is a badass chick getting some serious revenge from the people who literally screwed her over. This movie is packed with everything you would expect from a sleazy 70’s exploitation flick, with its gratuitous sex and nudity, brutal violence and nothing but sick and twisted fun. Watch this movie with your parents :)