The Rockport Review is 1 Year Old!

The Rockport Review is 1 Year Old!

My how time flies. It’s been a little over a year since The Rockport Review came to be and I am still reviewing movies that have been overlooked or need a second viewing. There have been 65 reviews in all so far in year one, most if not all have been horror/thrillers. I do happen to have a fondness for these, especially the glory days of the 1980’s slasher flicks; it was a great time for many talented directors like Craven, Carpenter, Cronenberg, and slashers like Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers.

In 2011 I will continue to give thoughtful recommendations to help keep your Netflix Queue full of hard to find and rarely seen gems. I will also start to profile and feature some of my favorite actors and directors and review their films as a whole. If there is anybody out there reading this please feel free to drop me a line or comment on my reviews to

Below is a link to a rough cut of my own stop-motion short film called “Wally” that I have posted on YouTube.  Enjoy!