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A Movie with "TEETH" A Must See!


“Teeth” is a funny and not to subtle message to the male gender around the world. It is based on the age old cautionary tale of Vagina Dentata. The story about an innocent young girl with a vicious set of chompers between her legs. It is a story that has been told for centuries by many cultures not only warning young people of the dangers of sex, but also to discourage rape and promiscuity.

Mitchell Lichtenstein is the writer/director with the cohunes to bring this story to the screen in a funny, cringe inducing way. Dawn O’Keefe is played perfectly by Jess Weixler, a girl who has had to deal with this abnormality all her life. This type of story, like the movie “Ginger Snaps” (which I reviewed earlier), is also a clear comment on female puberty and there burgeoning sexuality.

Dawn is an outspoken advocate for abstinence and gives lectures to young school kids to wait until marriage. When she starts seeing a guy from school they try to take it slow, but since he is a guy he pushes her beyond her boundaries. When things start to get to serious her body reacts and he loses an important part of his anatomy. Although the premise is a little ridiculous, it is still quite an entertaining experience.

As she starts to learn more about her body, she begins to take back some control over her life. Her first visit to the gynecologist is an absolute laugh riot. Dawn always seems to be surrounded by the creepiest guys who want only one thing. Come on were not all like that! Ryan finally enters the picture to redeem the male gender and tame her teeth. Is he up to the task or will he just be another loser? This is a great date movie for open minded couples. Check it out!